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Welcome to Peak Invitational.  An event created for all dancers by Wharton Event Management in 2001. Our dedicated and experienced team consists of dancers, business owners, moms and a former studio director - so we know what you are looking for. We provide organized, efficient events with a positive, nurturing atmosphere.  

We are parents too.  We know what it feels like to have questions!  We are here to answer yours.

We're so glad you're here.

What’s so great about Peak?
At Peak, we like to have fun!! That is the most important thing when your children dance. We create a relaxed, enjoyable event for dancers, instructors and parents. Our event is efficiently run, we are ON TIME and our priority is always the dancers. All dancers receive a medal and we have levels designed so dancers only compete against others that are both their age and ability level.

Where do you find the Adjudicators for Peak?
Our judging panels are comprised of ONLY experienced and accomplished dance instructors, studio owners and choreographers. We feel that they are the most qualified to provide (fair), unbiased scores and comprehensive comments to the dancers. Our panels are different at every event.  They have taught dancers of all ages and abilities for many years.  You can always count on valuable, professional scores and comments from our judging panels.

Why can't I take photos or videos of my dancer on stage?
There are several reasons audience members are prohibited from taking photos or videos during performances.  

- Choreography is the property of the respective choreographer and studio.  
- Flash photography is distracting/dangerous to dancers and distracting to judges.  
- Many parents are not comfortable with their children being photographed by a stranger.

We provide the services of TMMDance at each event if you choose to purchase photo or videos.  As we do not permit the public to take video and photos, we provide this service as we realize you would like to have the opportunity to have the memory of your time on stage.

All dancers authorize their images to be used for promotional purposes.
We also welcome you to take photos at any time during awards and in the lobby in front of any of our signage.

What are the admission and program charges?
We keep our admission prices affordable!  The charge for audience is $3 per day.  We offer wristbands for parents attending the entire event.  Dancers are always free of charge.  Programs are $5.

Who runs Peak?

Peak was started in 2001 and is managed by Wharton Event Management. We have been involved in the dance community for over 20 years in various roles – dancers, instructors, choreographers and studio owner.  We also run Festival Du Ballet, Next Level Hip Hop, Quantum Acrobatics Competition and manage the Peak Master Classes. Peak was started by Janice Wharton (Studio Director and Mom to Barbie and Sydney) in 2001 to create a competition where the dancer is the only focus.  In 2008 Barbie and Sydney joined her full time to expand the business to what it is today.

What kind of awards are at Peak?
In addition to each dancer receiving a medal because we think every dancer deserves recognition for their efforts, the following awards are given at Peak:

Passion Passes 
Fellow dancers, Peak staff, parents and teachers can recognize dancers for things that happen behind the scenes! We draw five at every award session to be recognized.  Of those, we draw for iTunes gift cards at the end of each event.  We're passionate about dancers living THEIR passion.

Spirit Awards
At each session, the adjudicators choose three numbers to recognize for their Energy, Excitement and Enthusiasm!  They receive a certificate for their studio and all winners are put into a draw at each event to win a $200 Pizza Party for their studio. More recognition for more dancers, that's how we roll.

Choreography Awards
At each session, the adjudicators select one number to recognize outstanding choreography.  At the end of the event all winners are put into a draw to win cash prizes!  Choreographers works hard, the deserve some love too.

Judge's Pick Awards
At each awards session, the judge's also pick one dancer from that session, most likely a dancer in a group, for something extra special they noticed on stage. They receive a certificate signed by the judges, with a description of that they noticed about the dancer, and a special Judge's Pick t-shirt just for them!

High Score Awards
Over fifteen thousand dollars in cash is awarded to high score winners every year!  The highest scoring Solos, Duo/Trios and Groups are also invited to come back and perform at the Peak Challenge at the end of EVERY event.  

At every event three dancers are chosen by the judges to receive scholarships from Harbour Dance Centre, The Peak Master Classes and from Wharton Event Management.  Scholarships are awarded at the Provincial Honours Performance.  Selected dancers will receive information via their studio.

What First Aid is provided at Peak?
At every facility we rent they provide a professionally trained first aid attendant.  Should you require any first aid attention you can contact our Backstage Manager and she will be able to assist you.  We also have first aid kits backstage as well as at our front desk.

Who does photos and videos at Peak?
We partner with TMMDance to provide professional photo and video services at all our events.

Have a question that is not listed here?  Please contact us anytime!


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