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“I love Peak because they are very efficient and although it is competitive it is still a fun event for the kids and entertaining for the parents.” – Joy Harrison (parent)


“I love how Peak has made a dance competition a family atmosphere where different studios love and support each other.” – Sophie Bruneau (dancer)

"Peak Invitational is by far the best competition I attend each year.  They care about dancers and their overall experience.  The atmosphere they create is not only top notch and professional but also full of heart, fun and laughter.  They are mentors to all, young and old, in the world of dance."  - Kim Breiland (Adjudicator and Studio Director)

“I love how at peak everyone's so supportive and it's an awesome environment to dance in with everyone! The peak dance was also a lot of fun this year.” – Brianna Harrison (dancer)

“Wonderful and upbeat comp. Very friendly staff and well organized. My girls love this competition.” – Christine Whitehead-Rogers (parent)

"What I love about peak is that it's like everyone is one big family. Peak helped me become the dancer I am today. There is such a good fun upbeat vibe throughout the whole competition. It's so positive and I love it!" – Mackenzie Rogers (dancer)

Wonderful, enthusiastic mentors who truly care for performers and give teachers the drive and encouragement to continue to create."  - Christina Leger, Instructor


"I like peak because no matter how skilled you are you get to express yourself! Everyone is so friendly and kind!" – Sara McIntosh (dancer)

"Who doesn’t love peak! It has a high level of dancers to compete against but also is super fun in the sense that the vibe is always positive and the peak staff is all so nice and friendly! Having multiple judges is so good for the dancers because it gives the dancers more opinions and comments on how to improve their dancing." – Chanel Lacasse (dancer)

“For being the first competition my little one has ever gone to, I couldn't have asked for a better experience! Great staff, prizes and just an overall amazing environment, thanks!!” – Sheena Richardson (parent)

“I love peak because I always feel so accepted there. Whether you are the best dancer or not as great, you always feel like you belong and can feel comfortable and like a star on stage. It is just such a positive, supportive environment with fantastic judges that always give the right criticism to help your group improve! Peak motivates me to be the best dancer I can be.” – Kaylie Foskett (dancer)

"Your staff are so great and you run a tight ship!  I always look forward to your competitions and my students do too.  They all had a blast.  Thank you for making dancing so great."  - Jyla Davis, Studio Director

“My whole family loves PEAK!!! My daughters Makayla and Kaprice and my son Caleb all love competing at Peak competitions because they have a blast and this year was extra special because of the new Peak Dance which really brought together all the dancers to have fun and respect each other, not just be competitive with each other. It's a positive step and change to encourage friendships amongst dancers from various studios!” – Judy Sinclair Foskett (mom)

“What I love about peak is how no matter what everyone in that community is there to help. For 5 years and many more to come I have performed differently at each one. Without Peak I wouldn’t have become who I am now.” - Kaitlyn Ziegler (dancer)

"Over the past 27 years of being a studio owner and instructor, I have attended hundreds of festivals and competitions.  I have to say that Peak Invitational stands out as one of the BEST!  My students, parents and staff all LOVE Peak because it's such a friendly, upbeat, organized and professionally run event!"  - Lisa Dew, Studio Director

“My 10 year old daughter had the best time ever at Peak. It was her first year at Peak and loved doing the Peak dance and can't wait until next year!” - Philip Hague (parent)


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